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Generally Happy
Excellent, competent service. Will not hesitate to ask again.
5/5 26-Jun-2011

I wanted to improve my VHF FM reception. He spent a lot of time with me deciding on the best Transmitter to use, fitting a new aerial and masthead amplifier. The result - perfect reception of BBC 1-4 and Classic FM plus (a bonus) about 8 local radio stations.
Very friendly and courteous and really listens to what the customer wants.
5/5 16-Dec-2008

John WL
John came and quickly diagnosed the problem as the satellite LNB which was quickly replaced. I requested he also check my TV aerial because I had a poor signal. He recommended a change to a different transmitter which gives a much better reception, this was complicated by discovering that the mast-head amplifier was faulty and had to be changed. A knowledgeable man who did a thorough efficient job.
5/4 13-May-2008

We had already used this company through which local before, and were very happy with his advice to buy a freeview box to improve the signal on one of our TVS. We live in a divided up house, and share a communal TV aerial and booster. Following a power cut of several days, our TVs suddenly all had shadowy bands on the picture. We called JS aerials, and he was able to come two days later. He arrived on time, was extremely pleasant and diagnosed the problem as being a faulty booster. He was able to change this immediately, and now the picture quality of all the televisions in the various wings of the house is perfect. His charges were very reasonable for the amount of time he spent fixing the problem.
However, plse note he does NOT deal with Sky problems.
5/5 07-Dec-2007

David in Chiddingfold
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Took the time to get us a reception for the terrestrial and Freeview in an area where reception is poor.
5/4 01-Oct-2007

Michael, Liphook
This gentleman gives an honest and efficient service. He is friendly and knows a lot about television transmission.
5/5 01-Jan-2007